Behind the Music of RYAN LEWIS

Personal Profile

RYAN LEWIS has always been musically gifted. From a young age, they were singing, performing, and playing a variety of instruments. Now they’re passionate about developing their technical musical skills and theoretical knowledge, and achieving the next level of success. Learn more about RYAN LEWIS and their professional music journey.

Rock Band

Worship Leader


Ryan's led youth, young adults, or multigenerational congregations of 30-2,000+ at Living Word Community Church for the last 8 years. Last year he was invited to lead worship in South America with the successful Latin worship band Oceans of Grace. Currently a full-time salaried employee of Living Word, Ryan spent 3 years prior to this position leading as a volunteer at Community Cornerstone Church.




Since 2007, Ryan's songs have garnered fans worldwide, have been covered by local artists, and have even been nominated for award. He's co-written and collaborated with other artists of multiple genres and audiences, and his songs have been featured on TV, film, and radio. Ryan continues to write and record through his role at Living Word.




Ryan has designed for some impressive clients such as Armstrong Ceilings, Linden Hall School for Girls, and TransMaster Solutions through subcontracting relationships. He's also spent a short season as a temporary designer for York Traditions Bank. Ryan has experience in both print and digital design, specializing primarily in computer layout and digital image manipulation.


Systems Technician


Ryan possesses an uncanny ability to construct, diagnose, troubleshoot technical systems. Computer, audio, and network systems in varying sizes and applications have benefited from Ryan's integration and support, and often in moments of crisis or need. Ryan has a general, but detailed, understanding of analog and digital signal paths stemming both from life on the road with his band and studying IT in college.


Audio Engineer


In addition to a fast, sharpened ear for music, Ryan also has an intuitive audio aptitude as well. He's operated broadcast audio for audiences up to 50,000+ and sources of 40+ simultaneous channels. This experience, combined with his musicianship and live band experience, give him an edge in the recording studio as well—examples can be heard elsewhere on this site.


Live Performer


Ryan fronted rock bands from 2005-2014 where he honed vocal, guitar, keyboard, and songwriting abilities. Wrote and produced 2 full-length album releases and 1 EP. Ryan's most recent band, Breezewood, performed at notable Christian music festivals such as Creation East and Purple Door, and received regional airplay and attention. He continues to perform live, mostly in a local church context.



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